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 This site is set up solely for the purpose of choosing your fabrics for custom designed items! Whether it is a blanket, lovey, Pee Pee Catcher, bib, burp cloth, pillowcase dress, onesie applique - whatever you choose - Designed by you, Created by Sedilu! 

The process is SIMPLE - browse through the fabrics. Each fabric has a number associated with it.  Simply let me know you want a customized item, let me know the fabric (or FABRICS) that you would like to use and VOILA!  I'll create your item!

I have tried to organize them in categories (some may overlap and be in more than one category) in accordance to boy or girl and some I have broken down into more detailed categories like Mod or Minky! This is an ongoing process and it won't be perfect, but with YOUR help, it can improve!  So, THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

If you have a fabric in mind, let me know.  I'll probably be able to get it or something similar!



If you got here by accident - WELCOME!  Check out my sample page and if you like what you see, click on the logo at the top or visit my etsy shop.  I create constantly and will build inventory!  Thanks for visiting! I'm more than happy to serve all of my clients!